Femke van Dijk is an autonomous artist who works from a certain concept but without a specific medium. Her ideas can result in for example a short video, sculpture, painting or installation. From themes like transformation, gravity, and melting she came to more autobiographic work where she works with themes like personal identity, music and trees.

At the exposition in Zuurdijk, photographs have been shown which are made ​​in the little church of Zuurdijk. The photos are referring to both life at one side, and impermanence and death at the other. To stop for a moment and look for dreamy repetitive movements, is an element more often seen in the work of Femke van Dijk.

In collaboration with Erik de Jong (www.folkmuzikant.nl), a short video has been made especially for this exhibition. Erik was inspired by the photos and video and composed music for this work. In this piece he played various instruments like accordion, tin whistle, xylophone and kalimba. Femke van Dijk then edited the final video. This short video has also been shown at the Buitenbioscoop in Delden. 

The last video made by Femke van Dijk is How to make linseed oil. This video has been selected for the One Minutes on Tour in Shanghai. The opening was at Power Station of Art 11 June 2014. It was the first state-owned museum on the mainland dedicated to contemporary art. With the exhibition, The One Minutes focuses on the perception and understanding of the moving image. The exhibition celebrated The One Minutes 15 years anniversary and consists of 11 screens showing over 300 one minute videos and documentation.











2015   Bine, Vakwerk Dokkum, 6kmperuur10mdiep

2014   The One Minutes on Tour, Shanghai

2014   Voorronde Zomerexpo 'Licht'

2013   Buitenbioscoop, Perron 1, MIKC, Delden

2013   Exposition in the church of Zuurdijk

2013   Participation VFFVVF film festival at Vogelpop, Ansen

2013   Jong in Groningen, Galerie Noord, Groningen
2012   Buitenbioscoop, Perron 1, MIKC, Delden
2012   'Videooooh 2012', The One Minutes Foundation, London
2012   Final exam exposition, Academy for the Visual Arts Minerva, Groningen



2011 - 2012  Academy for the Visual Arts Minerva, Groningen

1997 - 2000  Academy for the Visual Arts Minerva, Groningen